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This platform aims to provide e-learning opportunities in the field of e-commerce and to improve the knowledge and skills of those working in the position of "e-commerce operator".

The platform contains training materials for online training, which is part of a comprehensive training program "Е-commerce operator". The training programme is designed for EQF 4 related qualifications (e-commerce operator).

The programme has 4 modules. The total duration is 160 hours.

The training will be organized and delivered as:

  • online training via е-learning platform – 40 hours; (training content and exercises)
  • self-learning via learning platform – 40 hours; (self-reading materials)
  • work-based learning – 80 hours.

The training program includes four modules:

  • Module 1 – Communication. Area of competence communication. Skill – interpersonal and team work communication.
  • Module 2 – Creativity. Area of competence creativity. Skill – innovative and creative thinking.
  • Module 3 – Sales. Area of competence sales. Skill – online sales.
  • Module 4 - Online marketing. Area of competence - online marketing. Skill – e-mail and social media marketing (digital skill).

The following scheme was adopted for the transfer of study hours to study credits, according to ECVET (European VET Credit Transfer System). Our training program is within the professions related to e-commerce and e-business. These professions include specialties with different descriptions for each partner country. They are all EQF level 4. Each specialty consists of:

  • foundational learning modules that describe basic knowledge, skills and competences;
  • transferable modules that contain transferable skills from other professions and specialties;
  • specific modules that form the uniqueness of the profession and specialty and do not exist in any form in other trainings;
  • internship, apprenticeship, dual form, work through learning.

This concept has been implemented in the development of our training program for the specific job of "e-commerce operator".

Our training modules are part of the overall curriculum for e-commerce and e-business professions.

Our training modules are only the so-called specific modules that form the uniqueness of the "electronic commerce operator" workplace and do not exist in any form in other trainings.

For one year of formal regular education in the VET system, 60 points are awarded.

For our training program, the following scheme was adopted for the transfer of study hours to study credits/points, according to ECVET (European VET Credit Transfer System).

  • Module 1 - 10 ECVET points
  • Module 2 - 10 ECVET points
  • Module 3 - 10 ECVET points
  • Module 4 - 10 ECVET points
  • Learning by doing - 20 ECVET points

A total of 60 ECVET points.

Implementation Guideline

Training through this platform covers:

  • online training via the e-learning platform – 40 hours; (training content and exercises)
  • self-learning via the e-learning platform – 40 hours; (self-reading materials).

The remaining 80 study hours can be provided by the training organizations that are partners in this project. They can organize work-based learning to cover the remaining 80 hours.

The training is for:

  • VET providers from the sector;
  • VET learners;
  • E-commerce companies’ employees acting as operators;
  • E-commerce companies;
  • Companies restructuring their sales to digital ones.

At the beginning of the training, the trainee must take an entrance test to assess current knowledge, skills and attitudes. The results of the test will direct the learner to an individual study plan. It may include sequential learning of all modules or learning of only part of the modules.

Each module contains 5 lessons with a theoretical part, exercises, additional materials, materials for independent work, information on work-based learning.

Each module has a knowledge assessment test. After successfully passing the test, the learner will receive a certificate of completed training for the relevant module.

Entrance Test
Final Test
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